[PGCanada] Introducing... Vasa

Wallace J.McLean ag737 at freenet.carleton.ca
Sat Dec 4 08:55:04 PST 2004

I'm not sure what the market would be for per-download books, although 
it might well be something to try for at least the most perennially 
popular of titles.

There's another way to generate an economic interest in PD e-texts 
though, and that's to continue to give them away, but promote the hell 
out of their use for coursepacks, esp. in areas like CanLit, history, 
and other social sciences. Universities, individual faculties, 
departments, professors, or TAs, might come to value the availability 
of these materials and the consequent reduction in the gelt they would 
owe to Excess Copyright.

I hesitate posting this on an openly-archived list (Excess Copyright et 
al. ARE probably reading; hi, guys!), but I think this might be one 
very clever way of generating some real vested interests in a vigorous 
public domain in Canada.

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