[PGCanada] Planning the Battle:

Michael Lockey mlockey at honson.com
Sat Dec 4 15:46:00 PST 2004

Wallace J.McLean wrote:

>>I think the idea of a pipe back to the States could well 
>>precipitate a 
>>NAFTA issue: we would already be in a position to argue that 
>>GWTW is already NAFTA-restrainable!
>The danger here is that it might mobilize a NAFTA Europeanunion-
>style "harmonization" drive, and as bad as the Canadian copyright law 
>is, and as worse as the US copyright law is, Mexico is much, much, much 
>much worse.
Yes; but the ones who don't at least stake out a position are guaranteed 
to lose.  Don't forget we've got that cultural thingy attached to 
NAFTA.  If we don't use it, do you think anyone else will?


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