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Mon Dec 6 09:59:08 PST 2004

On Sun, 5 Dec 2004, Wallace J.McLean wrote:

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>> Mickey Rodent?
>> Protected by satire laws?
> You know, a lot of our supposed creator's rights groups want our CR
> law "harmonized" with the US.... yet youse have a "parody and pastiche"
> exemption to infringement... we don't.

I think parody is one of our most powerful weapons.

For example, we could parody this [or just quote it]

"The 1982 statement to a congressional committee by Jack Valenti,
then head of the MPAA, that the VCR is to Hollywood what the
Boston Strangler was to a woman alone, still stands as the ne plus
ultra of exaggerated claims."

We could do a kind of "the boy who cried wolf" thing. . . .

After all, Hollywood profited GREATLY from the VCR and DVD thing,
but the public domain was decimated. . . .

If you don't think this kind of thing has staying power,
just look into the root of the word "gerrymander". . . .



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