[PGCanada] Movement?

Carlo Traverso traverso at dm.unipi.it
Fri Dec 10 00:47:45 PST 2004

>>>>> "Wallace" == Wallace J McLean <ag737 at freenet.carleton.ca> writes:

    Wallace> So... how quickly can we establish a public domain
    Wallace> e-library, operating under Canadian copyright rules, on
    Wallace> Canadian soil?

    Wallace> I guess 2004 is out... how soon into 2005 can we do it?
    Wallace> What are the first steps?

    Wallace> I will foolishly volunteer to do CR clearances for
    Wallace> existing PG texts under Canuckistan CR law.

    Wallace> How do we start processing new works that are eligible
    Wallace> under Canadian rules, esp. those that aren't under PG/US
    Wallace> rules?

    Wallace> I'm not a techie, just an idea guy. Techies?

    Wallace> End of January?

You might consider to cooperate with PG-EUROPA, that is located in
Serbia, under life+50 rules. They plan starting in a few days.
Contact  Zoran Stefanovic <zstefanovic at rastko.net>

Carlo Traverso

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