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Hi all. Sorry to drop in out of the blue like this. Russell McO sent an  
email to another list I'm on--fyi, this is what it generated--he  
thought it might be useful to you. I'm afraid that I have no time or  
expertise to lend to PGCanada, but do encourage those who do to contact  
some of the people mentioned below at CIHM, UofT, etc. I don't know the  
backgrounds of the people on this list, so please don't take this as a  
criticism, but in general I tend to think that there is greater point  
AND greater legal safety in a project that comes demonstrably out of a  
genuine desire to share literature than one that is mainly trying to  
make a point. If somebody wants to go and put GWTW up there online,  
that's fine, but I would think that PG would want to protect its brand  
name as it were and see a full-fledged site going even if it takes  
longer. Maybe there are Canlit people there who want such a site. You  
might try to contact Can lit profs--two at my university are Tracy Ware  
and Leslie Ritchie--and see if it's something they'd need or like to  
see or like to help with, and/or how it would complement existing  
resources. Grad students in English would be a great group to tap too.  
Or Library Science students. I'd love to see it there but I have to  
limit myself to spectatorship at the moment. All the very best, L.

On Tue, 9 Nov 2004, Wallace J.McLean wrote:
>> I've previously posted a link to the second-largest Canadian "public
>> domain" project I know of, Classiques des sciences sociales:
>> http://www.uqac.uquebec.ca/zone30/Classiques_des_sciences_sociales/ 
>> html/
>> biblio_accueil.html
>> The largest is, of course, canadiana.org CIHM has an understanding  
>> with
>> Project Gutenberg in the US that PG can use any of their book scans of
>> works which are eligible under the PG copyright rules (the US law). In
>> fact, a PG volunteer has produced a wonderful program called "Snatch"
>> which automates the process of downloading public-domain book scans
>> from various sites around the world, including canadiana.org, to
>> accellerate the conversion process. These scans are then run through
>> Distributed Proofreading: www.pgdp.net
>> This infrastructure has already been "exported" to a similar project  
>> in
>> Europe. However, even though the single largest national "team" of  
>> volunteers is Team Canada, PG-Canada just doesn't seem to want to fly.
>> There's also ourroots.ca, which is a mishmash of PD- and non-PD
>> material, but I understand Snatch has been re-written to extract page
>> scans from that site as well. ourroots.ca concentrates on local
>> histories (which may or may not be PD), while canadiana.org
>> concentrates on historic Canadian of all types (most of which is PD,
>> and CIHM has an "unlocatable" license to cover its ass in the outlying
>> cases.)

And from me earlier the same day:

Hi. I'd recommend contacting Ian Lancashire at UofT who does the  
Representative Poetry project  
(http://eir.library.utoronto.ca/rpo/display/index.cfm). If he isn't  
interested in hosting/helping, he will know others. I don't know who  
Daryl is, but it would be nice to get some literary people involved so  
it wasn't just done to make a point, but rather to make literary  
materials available... ;-). There are probably Canadian literary ezines  
out there who might be into it. Or check out Coach House Press?

All for now, L.

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