[PGCanada] James website and more news

Darryl Moore darryl at moores.ca
Wed Nov 10 19:15:00 PST 2004

James, would it be possible to install a Wiki on your website so that 
many of the rest of us can start helping to create a few pages? Is this 
a good idea? I'd just like to keep some momentum going.

In other news...

Don Johnston who has been wonderful so far with the free legal advice 
has suggested we set up an informal organization (much like a church or 
scout group would) and create a bank account for it. Do we already have 
such a thing? We should put any money we are able to collect into it. 
Then when we incorporate we wind down this first entity.

There is information for Federally incorporated non-profits here:
for anybody who is interested.

I was also contacted by someone at UOttawa faculty of law and the 
Canadian Internet Policy and Public Interest Clinic (www.cippic.ca). I 
told her all about Project Gutenberg, at least all that I could being an 
admitted newbie myself :-). I think I did a fairly good job explaining 
it all to her, and I pointed her to this list so hopefully she will be 
monitoring our activity. I am very hopeful we will get assistance from 
these sources as well.

I received an email from Marcello who maintains the American PG site. 
There is about 28MB of data for the website there. I do not know what is 
the best option here and I know James has expressed a dislike for 
implementing the US code. Can we have a little more discussion on this 
and get something implemented? I'd really like to know more about what 
people think in this area.

Anybody have any thoughts on what more we should do to keep this train 
moving along?

Lastly... I know I am a newbie here so tell me if I am stepping on 
anybodys toes. I have significant enthusiasm for this project right now 
and I don't want my own momentum to wain. From what I've seen here I 
think there is a lot of enthusiasm from a great many people and I want 
to encourage that as well. I don't want anybody to feel pushed out, and 
I know if left on my own I'll just pick it all up and run with it until 
I burn out. So please tell me how I can help rather than just letting me 
take over.

Thanks again,

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