[PGCanada] GWTW

Wallace J.McLean ag737 at freenet.carleton.ca
Thu Nov 11 11:29:34 PST 2004

To clarify as to why any GWTW reclamation project should use servers 
that are physically in life+50 countries... again it's a don't 
paint "sue me" on your ass situation.

I am located in Canada, the actions I take on my keyboard and mouse are 
in Canada, but I guarantee that if I post the e-text of GWTW to my (US-
located space) at Geocities, it won't last 24 hours there, and I'll 
probably lose everything else I've got posted as well.

The notice-and-takedown threat still exists in life+50 countries 
(exhibit A: the current PG-AU kerfuffle), but going about it in an all-
life+50 way reduces the risk and would give the Mitchell estate way too 
many expensive moles to whack.

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