[PGCanada] Gutenberg site

Darryl Moore darryl at moores.ca
Thu Nov 25 04:16:33 PST 2004

Hi James,

I've had a really busy week, but I want to get back to doing what I can 
for PG Canada.

It seems to me, that you have done some work already on the web site, 
you and Russell both have ISPs that can host it, and I and others in the 
forum have time we are willing to donate, so there is no technical 
reason we cannot move forward.

Additionally, I have found a lawyer who will give us a deal on setting 
up a federal not-for-profit corp. Such an organization will provide a 
degree of legitimacy that just might help when Parliament gets around to 
discussing extending terms of copyright (which they will inevitably do!).

I think we need to work on both of these in tandem.

Can we start by copying the US or Australian site with some minor 
modifications for Canada and Canadian copyright laws? This I think, 
would get a working site up within weeks. I'm willing to do as much of 
the technical work to this end as I am capable.

Then we can start looking at XML versions of the material for a new 
site. From what I've seen there is still a lot of discussion required 
for this to proceed.

Also we need to talk about corporate plans and registration documents. 
Is there a Wiki we can use some place where we can start drafting these 
documents? A Wiki would be great because then everybody here can 
participate easily. Russell has one. Russell could we use a small corner 
for PG Canada?

James, I asked before if you could act as a treasurer of sorts and 
collect/record/track some of the money we will need to set up this 
corporate entity. Can you do that?

I'd start doing it all myself now except that I don't really think I can 
set up another site and start calling PG Canada without somebody's 
permission. Whos? And I don't have a server. I will however look into 
doing some draft corporate registration documentation, then when we get 
a Wiki up I'll share them.


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