[PGCanada] Re: [d at DCC] Mr. James Rajotte and Hon. Liza Frulla speak in support of WIPO treaty ratification...

Darryl Moore darryl at mfe.ca
Sun Nov 28 07:53:34 PST 2004

Russell McOrmond wrote:
> http://www.digital-copyright.ca/node/view/584
>>From the Hansard for Friday, November 26, 2004. Obviously letters from 
> constituents and other Canadians are needed to inform these members that 
> what the recording industry is asking for will not help Canadian 
> musicians, but harm them.
> ---cut---
> Hon. Liza Frulla (Minister of Canadian Heritage and Minister responsible 
> for Status of Women, Lib.): Mr. Speaker, we have also met with members of 
> the music industry. The whole copyright issue is indeed a critical one. We 
> are currently drafting a copyright bill with the Minister of Industry. We 
> intend to submit it to cabinet before Christmas, so that it can be 
> referred to a committee during the next session.

I'm am drafting bylaws and articles of incorporation now for Project 
Gutenberg. James Linden will be back this week and hopefully we can get 
the infrastructure up quickly.

My hope and short term goal is that if we can have an established 
charitable corporation who's mandate is to protect public access to 
intellectual works, we will be more likely to be called as a witness 
before any such committee and our concerns will be taken more seriously. 
We will also be more likely to get media exposure. Question will be of 
course, how long will it take to get charitable status?

I will try to get these documents up on a wiki somewhere this week so 
that others can offer suggestions as well.

The corporation will have need of directors. I am hoping James and 
Wallace will both offer their services in this capacity. I have yet to 
ask. If anybody else is interested please let me know.

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