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Darryl Moore darryl at moores.ca
Tue Nov 9 09:18:56 PST 2004

Wallace J.McLean wrote:

> Hosting a PG-Canada in a place that attorns to the jurisdiction of a 
> country with a copyright law different from that of Canada, is like 
> painting a big "Sue Me!" on your ass.
> If PG was hosted in Canada, Access Copyright would have sued it years 
> ago.

Quite true. To that end we also must make sure that PG Canada is 
completely separate from PG US, or start a separate organization.

This organization must be incorporated, and it should also be a 
registered charity. Don't know how to incorporate, but I found the 
application for charity status here:


Does anyone know the current legal status of PG Canada? Any lawyers here 
who want to help set this up properly?

Additionally, as was mentioned previously offlist, we need to get some 
people in the literary field involved, or at least to lend their names. 
The bigger the names the better. Does anybody know how to contact any 
big names?

I sent an email off to James Linden to try and get some technical 
information about the current project status. Hopefully I'll here back 
soon. I'll keep you posted.

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