[PGCanada] Introductions, etc.

Andrew Sly sly at victoria.tc.ca
Tue Nov 9 10:17:26 PST 2004

It's good to see a little activity on this mailing list.

There was a burst of messages when this list was first created
(you can see them at http://lists.pglaf.org/pipermail/pgcanada/)
discussing possibilities of PG of Canada, but I have not
heard anything recently.

I know that if we all just wait to join in once "someone else has
set it up" then possibly PG of Canada will never see the light of
day. However, I havn't seen myself doing anything more useful
than just typing up long messages of what "could be possible".

And yes, Project Gutenberg is a totally separate entity.
As a volunteer organization, PG in the United States simply
could not deal with the legal complications that would be
brought up in becoming a "multi-national".

I believe the only legal relationship is that PG of Canada has been
granted the right to use the "Project Gutenberg" trademark.


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