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Darryl Moore darryl at moores.ca
Tue Nov 9 10:19:07 PST 2004

Michael Hart wrote:

> I wouldn't WAIT for this to happen, I would get started right away,
> strike while the iron is hot!  I ran PGUS from 1917 to 2000 before
> we ever got incorporated and registered.

I wasn't planning on waiting. I've asked a few people I know if they can 
help, or know someone who can. I believe now with the very different 
national copyright laws and the very big US corporations who are so 
quick to litigate that it would not be smart to proceed without the 
proper corporate framework and appropriate legal advise.

However certain things can be done in tandem. There is no reason we 
can't get the web site up and running while we get the legalities sorted 
out. Once we get a better grip of it all and have some idea of timelines 
we should be able to set a publication date. Hopefully before Christmas.

>> Don't know how to incorporate, but I found the application for charity 
>> status here:
>> http://www.cra-arc.gc.ca/E/pbg/tf/t2050/README.html
>> Does anyone know the current legal status of PG Canada? Any lawyers 
>> here who want to help set this up properly?
> I can put requests for legal help for you in our Newsletters, etc.

Anything like that would be great. Just keep in mind that it is Canadian 
legal advice we are after. I'm not sure how much help a US lawyer would be.

>> Additionally, as was mentioned previously offlist, we need to get some 
>> people in the literary field involved, or at least to lend their 
>> names. The bigger the names the better. Does anybody know how to 
>> contact any big names?
> I can probably get you some quotes from Marvin Minsky, Vint Cerf, etc.,
> if that would help, not sure how much more they would do. . . .

That would help. But the most helpful would be an endorsement by 
prominent Canadian authors such as Pierre Button, Margaret Atwood, John 
Ralston Saul and others.

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