[PGCanada] Introductions, etc.

Carlo Traverso traverso at dm.unipi.it
Tue Nov 9 11:43:12 PST 2004

>>>>> "Wallace" == Wallace J McLean <ag737 at freenet.carleton.ca> writes:

    Wallace> The other thing that would/should have to be done, would
    Wallace> be to open up a relationship with Distributed
    Wallace> Proofreaders to create a third DP site (in addition to
    Wallace> PGDP and DP-EU). That's more technical than legal, as the
    Wallace> (amazing) DP infrastructure is developed on a
    Wallace> share-and-share-alike basis.

Does this have a technical motivation? (for example, avoid the
complications of UTF-8 being life+50) Or just to have a companion to

The effort to bring up a DP site is non negligeable, much more
than overcoming the utf-8 barier; DP-EU still has space to grow, and
will surely welcome new forces. For example, our waiting lists are
empty, anything that you want to post is welcome. When DP-EU has
grown, and canadian squirrels matured, detaching a canadian clone
might be much easier. Currently, a division of efforts might create
problems to both.


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