[PGCanada] PG Canada Inc!

Darryl Moore darryl at moores.ca
Tue Nov 9 14:05:32 PST 2004

Hello list,

I just got off the phone with a lawyer named Don Johnston who is aware 
of Project Gutenberg. He agrees that we need a corporation to indemnify 
the participants and he is willing to help us create a federally 
incorporated charity, pro bono.

Unfortunately there are still costs. While significantly cheaper than 
they would otherwise be, they are none the less, significant. He said 
less than $1500 all inclusive.

We would need to get some seed money to start. It would be tax 
deductible when we get our charitable status. I promise to find at least 
$300. Can others do something to put together the balance? If we can get 
all this done before year end. We can issue tax receipts for the coming 
tax return.

James? Russell? Could we set something up on your respective websites to 
solicit money? It will have to be structured as a short term loan as you 
can't get charitable tax receipts for money donated before you have a 
charity. When we have a bonafide charity however, we can swap paper and 
issue tax receipts.

Once we get a basic corporate and technological foundation in place, I'd 
say we also approach some of the more progressive publishers and other 
businesses in this field for donations.

Hey, this might all become exciting, don't you think!


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