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Darryl Moore darryl at moores.ca
Wed Nov 10 03:58:15 PST 2004

The idea here is to help establish some legitimacy. So that if we get to 
court we aren't simply seen as a group who's mandate is to ruffle 
feathers. I think PG Canada in on pretty safe ground, but you can never 
have too much legitimacy. Remember, the most important battle we are 
going to have to fight is going to be in the heads of a citizenry who 
often believe corporations have eternal monopolies on this stuff. We're 
going to need all the legitimacy we can get!

Wallace J.McLean wrote:

> On 18:19:07 Darryl Moore wrote:
>>That would help. But the most helpful would be an endorsement by 
>>prominent Canadian authors such as Pierre Button, Margaret 
> What's the point of this again? I seem to have missed the email that 
> sparked this.
> If it's to get them to endorse something with a view towards protecting 
> the public domain, and resisting the extension of copyright, forget it: 
> Pierre Berton and Margaret Atwood are typical members of the CanLit 
> gliterati: they don't mind pilfering the public domain, but God forbid 
> their works should ever enter into it. Atwood is very clearly in favour 
> of term extension; Pierre Berton seems to be tacitly so for reasons I 
> don't wish to disclose in public.
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