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Darryl Moore darryl at moores.ca
Wed Nov 10 04:17:13 PST 2004

Hey James,

I hope the new blood and bold enthusiasm from some of us will help 
motivate everybody. Do let me know if I get to bold. I do not ever 
intent to offend or step on toes. I gentle 2x4 across the back of the 
head should do.

Some questions regarding your ISP.

Given that copyright law is a very murky thing with a lot of gray 
ambiguities, it is probably more likely than not that we will get served 
with legal papers demanding we remove stuff from our server. Also given 
that we will have pre-investigated the legal status of any work we post 
and be confident of our fair interpretation of its status under 
copyright law. We will be very unlikely to remove any works.

How comfortable will your ISP be in supporting this position? Can we be 
fairly confident that they will not feel intimidated into pulling our plug?

I ask this because Russell McOrmond, who runs the discussion list at 
www.digital-copyright.ca suggested a different ISP. Do you think you and 
Russell could discuss and decide the best alternatives for us here?


James Linden wrote:

> Hey list!
> Instead of doing to 4 line reply to each topic, I'm going to throw it all in
> on here. My apologies for being slow to reply. I'm currently on a working
> vacation in Utah, and only getting my email once or twice a day.
> I'm James Linden, currently the one trying to get PG Canada going. I have to
> say, it's great to see other people on the same side. :-)
> Regarding the website:  Currently, the site is hosted by my own company,
> located in Barrie, ON. CompuSOLVE are the guys providing my 'net pipe, but
> they don't have anything to do with the site or the server it's on. I've not
> had a whole lot of time recently to do anything with the PG site, mostly
> because I've had to work like mad to make this 4 week trip possible around
> contracts, etc. Any ideas/help are great. I do have to point out that I'm
> opposed to using ANY of the main PG site. It's been hacked together over the
> course of a decade, and is only getting worse. Marcello has been doing a
> great job on the site, but has a long way to go.
> Regarding non profit: I have not been able to locate a lawyer, so that news
> is good news. I'll see what I can do about chipping in to cover the fees.
> Regarding backend: I'm very opposed to basing PG Canada on the current PG
> system, which does not meet even minimal requirements for cataloging and
> does not rely on a master XML document.
> If my ideas are too much for the PG Canada group that is coming together
> here, I'll step aside and not get in the way. I'd rather learn the
> appropriate lessons from PG's experiences, and do something better, which, I
> must point out, it not hard.
> I realize this information is not complete, and I'll get more thoughts
> together ASAP... :-)
> Good to see everyone here on the list!!!!!!!
> Regards,
>  James Linden
>  jlinden at projectgutenberg.ca
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