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Darryl Moore darryl at moores.ca
Wed Nov 10 08:12:52 PST 2004

Andrew Sly wrote:

> When talking to others about digitising texts for PG,
> I've been told, "You should be careful; people can renew
> copyrights, you know", which sends me off on a rant
> about how copyright only lasts for a set, limited term...
> (at least until governments are pressured into passing
> legislation saying otherwise...)

I have to be totally up front here. That is precisely why I am so 
interested in this project. I think the literature is great, and it will 
be great to see everybody reading classic texts on their Palm Pilots. I 
wish I had more time to do so myself. But my passion is protecting 
society's rights in copyright issues.


You always here the rhetoric from the monopolists that "Theft is Theft". 
Well I want to turn that back on them and make people understand that it 
is the media companies that are stealing from us. Not us from them. 
Their crime is much greater than any of the P2P pirating which is 
currently happening that they are so upset about.

I am hoping that through this project we can elevate public awareness of 
this issue and the huge value of our cultural inheritance to such a 
height that nobody will let the MegaCorps steal any more of it.

Don't even get me started on DRM. Or at least lets switch to 
http://list.digital-copyright.ca/mailman/listinfo/discuss if you do :-)



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