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Wed Nov 10 16:05:32 PST 2004

I have two independantly produced copies of GWTW.  My own for PG AU, 
which I blush to say I have no record of the edition used, although 
since it conformed to the life+50 law in CA and AU that may be a non-
issue, and a 2nd copy from a Usenet group produced from: 


Printed in the United States of America
First Warner Books Printing: August, 1993

a paperback edition which the ebook producer included front and back 
cover scans and I see is available at Amazon, etc.  


> I received the following PM today at Distributed Proofreading:
> To: [DP ALIAS]
> Posted: 10 Nov 2004 18:34 
> Subject: Another call to arms   
> Hello [DP ALIAS], 
> You are Canadian, aren't you? I need someone for a rescue operation;
> the pay is lousy* and the risk is ... er ... for you to decide. 
> As you know, the Mitchell estate threatened Project Gutenberg
> Australia (PGA) with legal action if they didn't remove their etext of
> Gone With The Wind, and although I do not know whether Col Choat (who
> effectively is PGA) removed that file, all links to it now say "Page
> not found", or something to that effect. 
> Luckily, my prodigious googling skills (cough!) allowed me to trace a
> copy. Unfortunately, although I am allowed to download it under [MY
> NATIONAL] copyright law, that same law prohibits me to publish it. 
> Could you perhaps download it? I am not asking you to publish it or
> anything (the Mitchell estate lawyers are a lot closer to Canada than
> to Australia), you could at least legally pass it on to someone who is
> allowed to publish it. Also, I believe Michael Hart and John Mark
> Ockerbloom (Online Books Pages) are interested in the whereabouts of
> any surviving copies of their etext. 
> Anyway, you can find a non-Gutenberg copy of the text at 
> http://www.globusz.com/ebooks/GoneWithTheWind/. Also, part of a copy
> of the Gutenberg version seems to sit in the Google cache:
> ?q=cache:rgeeJ5-OkIUJ:gutenberg.net.au/ebooks02/0200161.txt
> +%22gone+with+the+wind%22 +Plain+Vanilla+Electronic+Texts &hl=en.
> Truncated at some point, it is not very useful reading material, but
> perhaps it can be used to establish whether Globusz used the Gutenberg
> version. 
> The search strings I used were: 
> "gone with the wind" plain vanilla electronic texts 
> and 
> "Melanie and Pittypat had gone" 
> I don't know if this is necessary; the Canadian volunteer who produced
> the text is known, and I would not be surprised if he still owned a
> copy, or even the original. In which case it could be rescanned and
> ran through DP Europe. 
> Perhaps I am getting too worked up over nothing. I hope I am not
> inconveniencing you too much. 
> Thanks, 
> *) As in: non-existant.
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