[PGCanada] Gone With the Wind, redux

Darryl Moore darryl at moores.ca
Wed Nov 10 18:29:26 PST 2004

Wallace J.McLean wrote:

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> Date: Wednesday, November 10, 2004 7:05 pm
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>>I have two independantly produced copies of GWTW.  My own for PG AU, 
>>which I blush to say I have no record of the edition used, although 
>>since it conformed to the life+50 law in CA and AU that may be a 
> It would be an absolutely terrible, horrible, evil, nasty thing if 
> people in life+50 (or less) countries, with access to servers 
> physically located in those countries, were to post copies of a clearly-
> PD-in-life+50-countries file of GWTW to said servers.
> It would be an absolutely terrible, horrible, evil, nasty thing, 
> although not nearly as terrible, horrible, evil, or nasty as what 
> happened to EMI in the Danger Mouse "Grey Album" controversy:

Surprisingly the legal advice I received yesterday said that (at least 
as far as Canadian courts are concerned) the physical location of the 
server makes absolutely no difference. The most important aspect of the 
issue is who the intended target audience is and what reasonable 
measures were taken to make this evident and to deny access to others.

This is to my mind a fairly enlightened perspective, as it recognizes 
the omnipresent aspect of the Internet, and the computers that are its 
component parts.

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