[PGCanada] James website and more news

Wallace J.McLean ag737 at freenet.carleton.ca
Thu Nov 11 07:45:54 PST 2004

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From: Jon Noring <jon at noring.name>
Date: Thursday, November 11, 2004 10:28 am
Subject: Re: [PGCanada] James website and more news
> 3) Scan these texts, collect the metadata/catalog-info, and place the
>   page scans online. (Optionally, OCR can be done on these scans, and
>   the raw, uncorrected OCR text can be used to enable a "temporary"
>   full-text-search capability of the collection of page scans.)

This last -- use of the raw, uncorrected OCR output -- is what drives 
projects like canadiana.org, ourroots.ca, newspaperarchive.com, and the 
cold north wind/paperofrecord.com family of products.

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