[PGCanada] James website and more news

Jon Noring jon at noring.name
Thu Nov 11 08:47:09 PST 2004

Wallace wrote:
> Jon Noring wrote:

>> 3) Scan these texts, collect the metadata/catalog-info, and place the
>>    page scans online. (Optionally, OCR can be done on these scans, and
>>     the raw, uncorrected OCR text can be used to enable a "temporary"
>>   full-text-search capability of the collection of page scans.)

> This last -- use of the raw, uncorrected OCR output -- is what drives 
> projects like canadiana.org, ourroots.ca, newspaperarchive.com, and the 
> cold north wind/paperofrecord.com family of products.

Well, it shows PG-Canada can find partners in the long-term endeavor
to convert the public domain works of Canadiana into high quality
digital texts.

Where PG-Canada should depart from PG-MotherShip is to work closely
with other groups, not go it alone. PG-Canada can help bring all these
other efforts together under one tent, to follow a single metadata
standard, and to begin the process of conversion to digital texts.

This long-term thinking of PG against the world needs to stop. I see
PG-Canada organizing as a non-profit and building a strong Board of
Trustees which includes representatives from other notable
organizations and notable Canadians. This will increase the likelihood
of both private and public (Canadian Government) funding, some of
which can go to DP to help them develop the next generation, XML-based


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