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James Linden jlinden at projectgutenberg.ca
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  Regarding header(s) and footer(s)... according to one lawyer I talked
with, we'd only be legally required to put a short legal notice in each
text, assumably, with a URL to the full license text, etc. I've always
disliked the PG header/footer, so I'm all for keeping it short.

  As for the directory structure, I'm hoping to come up with a hybrid of
PGAUS and PGUSA, to implement for PGCAN... more on that later though.

  For PGCAN, I'm personally setting my sights on a fully XML based system,
and totally ignoring plain text except as an output format. It's the right
way to do things. I don't care about the academic usage argument (one way or
the other), but from a purely technical point, a unified XML based system is
the obvious choice. Yes, it takes more work to setup, but it's really not
any more work to USE once it's setup properly.


  So far, Michael has agreed with _every_single_ idea I've talked to him
about, and based on that and his offer to let me get PGCAN rolling (IE:
using trademark, etc), I've gone on the assumption that I was going the
right direction.

  If I start becoming a hinderance to PGCAN or the group believes I'm going
in the wrong direction, I'd like everyone to tell me. If this happens, I
will disappear, for the good of the whole - no hard feelings to anyone.

-- James

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Andrew, Darryl,

On 07:46:55 Andrew Sly wrote:
> I feel that anything we can take from PG-US, which has already
> been proven, will only make the birthing of PG of Canada
> easier on us all.

For my part, I think I'd rather emulate PG-Australia in a few ways.
Col has adopted a simple and functional header and a mercifully
abridged trailer that I would sooner borrow than PG-USA's
I also feel that his directory structure is more practical, not
to mention sane.

Darryl indicated his preference for XML.  While that sounds nice,
I'd guess that he hasn't had any experience using Gutcheck on
XML.  I for one intend to continue to crank out plain text documents
in the format PG-US and PG-AU commonly hold.  I'd recommend that
he has a go at marking up his first text - GWTW - into XML as a
trial and see how that goes before committing to this path.

All that said, I hafta say that I am grateful that Darryl has
taken the initiative on this.  Thank you.  When the time comes
I think my cheque book will also thank you/PG-CA.

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