[PGCanada] James website and more news

Jon Noring jon at noring.name
Fri Nov 12 14:29:01 PST 2004

Michael asked:
> Jon Noring wrote:

>> Note that Brewster is now focusing his book scanning efforts
>> in, where else: CANADA !

> I hadn't heard this. Do you have, or can you point to, more information?

There's a dearth of information online (based on my Google search --
maybe there's more and I missed it):


When I last visited Brewster a couple months ago, he mentioned they
are doing a scanning project in Canada (Toronto I think he said) which
is an experiment with a robotic scanner (he said it costed him about

Apparently the India scanning project failed, for reasons that are
unknown to me (although I speculate it had to do with quality control),
so they're now studying robotics.

I hope to find out more when James and I visit Brewster next Friday.


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