[PGCanada] eBooks in French

Michael Hart hart at pglaf.org
Fri Nov 26 09:29:45 PST 2004

On Thu, 25 Nov 2004, Andrew Sly wrote:

> On Thu, 25 Nov 2004, Michael Hart wrote:
>> Will there be a particular interest in doing eBooks in French?
>> If so, would you be willing to cooperate with volunteers who
>> actually live in France [and other French speaking countries]?

> One volunteer  (Renald Levesque) has been contributing many
> texts in French to PG, including Canadian ones, using pages
> scans from the Bibliothque Nationale du Quebec. I would imagine
> he is mostly responsible for the greatly increasing amount of
> French texts in PG. (For a long while, it seemed as though
> French and German representation in PG were staying quite
> consistantly close to each other in numbers, but now French
> has pulled ahead with 410 items in the catalog, while we
> have 315 in German.)

Brett's language program just reported this hour only:


I'm wondering if it is either a few days behind in the way
it is counting, or if it is just missing a few?

> Also worth adding is that I have been in touch with the person who
> runs the "Bibliotheque virtuelle", which has some French Canadian
> texts digitized in rtf files.
> (http://www.fsj.ualberta.ca/biblio/default.htm)
> He has said PG is welcome to reformat any texts from there.
> I have copyright cleared a handful of them, and done the
> comparison needed at the library, but have stalled on actually
> getting the files ready for posting.

If you can send me an email address for the two people mentioned above,
I will see what I can do to provide more assistance, and for your own
efforts, as well.  I also have contacts in France who might help,
and in other locations.

> Andrew


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