[PGCanada] eBooks in French

Michael Hart hart at pglaf.org
Fri Nov 26 09:40:38 PST 2004

On Thu, 25 Nov 2004, Darryl Moore wrote:

> Michael Hart wrote:
>> Will there be a particular interest in doing eBooks in French?
> Oh yea! I'm sorry to say I hadn't got around to thinking about this, but 
> being Project Gutenberg CANADA it would almost be inappropriate not too.
> Additionally I don't think we should necessarily draw the line at either 
> french or english. Any eligible book in any language should be available. My 
> suggestion would be to set the site up with french, english, and 'other' 
> sections.

My apologies, I didn't mean to ignore all the other languages,
but rather just to focus a little extra attention on French,
and the possibilities of doing some eBooks with the people
I met in France during my speaking tour there last February.

For the record, I was born far enough north in the US that my
best friend moved to Canada permanently, and I went to live
with his family for a time. . .not that the US and Canada
were all that different way out West at the time. . . .

>> If so, would you be willing to cooperate with volunteers who
>> actually live in France [and other French speaking countries]?
> I'd love too. I have to admit up front that I don't speak a word of french. 
> However if there are french volunteers who speak english, others who might be 
> willing to act as intermediaries, or persons willing to communicate through 
> language mangling online text translators, I'm all for it.

I think the formation of French Teams in all areas of PG Canada activities
would be worthwhile.  Obviously nearly anything that is public domain in
France should be PD in Canada, but there might be a greater need for some
experts for the French when getting eBooks from you.


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