[PGCanada] Last Call for Web Hosting

Russell McOrmond russell at flora.ca
Mon Apr 25 06:39:50 PDT 2005

On Sun, 24 Apr 2005, Jen Zed wrote:

> She shoots...she scores. :)
> We need PHP and MySQL; probably 10 GB of space would get us going -
> although, if we make page scans available (which I think we should),
> the storage requirements will increase a lot. (I'd be willing to kick
> in the cost of a drive to help subsidize this when the time comes.)

   If you go to http://newdelhi.flora.ca/ you will see a list of the 
virtual servers (Apache style) that you would be sharing that server with. 
You will see many other LAMP sites including Drupal sites.

   Do you know if all the applications you would be wanting run under PHP 
safe mode?  Some applications are picky about this, but most are not. 
The other question is whether you would need shell access, or whether FTP 
access (chroot'd) would be sufficient.

   On that server I'm not using any of the OS vitalization techniques 
(such as User Mode Linux), only Apache virtual servers for web.  This 
means I rely on FTP's chroot() and php safe mode to keep each virtual 
server from playing with each other's files.

   If you need SSH and other type of access then we need to put you on a 
different server under UML.  With the election coming up soon this would 
become a bad time to try to set this up as I'm focusing on other server 
upgrades/configuration at the moment.

> Drupal (and probably most CMSs) will require some "special" MySQL 
> permissions - like the ability for users to do a LOCK TABLE. (The main 
> reason I've hit the wall with my personal retail web space provider - 
> and therefore don't know if Drupal will work for us - is that they won't 
> allow this permission to be granted to users.)

   Interesting.  I don't restrict things that way for our MySQL accounts. 
We set up a unique user/password and create a database where that userID 
has full permissions (including GRANT) on that database.  If you also want 
an account with less permissions that can be done as well, but I never saw 
the need for not giving a full-privileged MySQL account.

> I completely understand your reservations regarding bandwidth. I
> suspect and hope, though, that when (if) our bandwidth demands get too
> big, it'll mean we're big enough to get sponsors.


   It can also grow in stages depending on what is required.

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