[PGCanada] Last Call for Web Hosting

Russell McOrmond russell at flora.ca
Mon Apr 25 12:46:47 PDT 2005

On Mon, 25 Apr 2005, Jen Zed wrote:

> On 4/25/05, Russell McOrmond <russell at flora.ca> wrote:
>>    Do you have a domain name you will be pointing at this site?
> James Linden registered http://www.projectgutenberg.ca/. Until
> recently, this pointed to a "coming soon" page, but now the URL is
> dead (and maybe his email address at this domain too?)

I see: http://www.openconcept.ca/whois.php?q=projectgutenberg.ca

   Seems it can't connect to the mail servers, and I tried and I can't 
connect to the webserver.

   If he is already using @projectgutenberg.ca , then before any DNS is 
switched over I would need to have the email forwarding table.  What we do 
is have a text file on the website which our email system automatically 
loads which has the mapping of username at domain to where it is then sent 

> James? Are you out there? Can you transfer / redirect the domain to
> the space on Russell's server?

   We need to coordinate this if any services are already active to make 
sure that this is an "addition" and nothing already working gets lost in 
the shuffle.

   Would James be considered the technical lead for the project?

>>    I also will repond differently to legal threats than other ISPs might --
>> I won't accept notice-and-takedown on copyright, but instead
>> notice-and-notice-to-customer-and-CIPPIC.ca ;-)
> Terrific. That's such a benefit for a project like this - having a
> host who understands and cares about the project.

   I figured this would come in handy.  I became an ISP for this type of 
reason, because I was continuously hosting projects where I wanted to 
ensure that the policies of any single upstream wouldn't cause problems 
for me.   We are multi-homed with 3 Ottawa ISPs, one of them being a peer 
we have at OttIX.net

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