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How about a history or politics book about the formation of the Dominion of 

I would have liked to see the following as "number 1," however, it is still 
in P2 on PGDP:

Author: Adam, G. Mercer (Graeme Mercer), 1839-1912
Title: Canada's Patriot Statesman; The Life and Career of the Right 
Honourable Sir John A. MacDonald
Place of publication: Toronto,
Publisher: Rose Publishing Company, Limited
Date of publication: 1891.
Note: Based on the work of Collins, Joseph Edmund, 1855-1892

There are a couple of books by Adam available in the PG Archive.

Or, Stephen Leacock's (1869-1944) "The Dawn of Canadian History: A Chronicle 
of Aboriginal Canada, PG EText No. 4069.

~Marilynda Fraser-Cunliffe

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> Do any of our list participants here feel strongly about what
> text(s) would be ideal to start with for PG Canada?
> Some people attach a certain significance to certain numbers
> and feel that a "number 1" has a certain importance.
> Personally, I have no great preference, so I'm happy to
> just pick some Canadiana text with no formatting difficulties
> that is already availible to start with.
> Andrew
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