[PGCanada] 1st Sighting of DP-Canada

Michael Lockey mlockey at honson.com
Sat Aug 13 23:56:00 PDT 2005

Sorry to start this with a winge, but it's necessary to explain the 
reason for the post.

As some of you may know, I've been rather peaky for the last three 
months: flat on my back except for an hour a day hobbling around under 
the aegis of an RSN (Regimental Sargent Nurse).  I  had hoped to be 
mobile within the next week; this may be delayed by as much as two 
months.  I believe DP-Canada can't be delayed that long.  Consequently, 
I've exposed a bit of the site (www.dp50.com/forum) as a place that folk 
can discuss different issues regarding such a site.

Points in no particular order:

1: I want no part of anything that impacts DP-INT or DP-EU.  
Consequently I think all these discussions should be kept (sorta) quiet.

2: If you look at (all mine!) existing posts, you'll see the "I" word a 
lot.  That's just because it is me; and not to be confused with 
DP-Canada, where "I" will have one vote, and mostly will defer to others 
who know more than I do.

3: I would specifically ask you to read one post, "Profit/non-profit 
corporation", as this is my main fighting point, though still debatable.

4: This message is to pgcanada at lists.pglaf.org, and selected individuals 
at the two DPs.  I do NOT expect all such folk to take an active role in 
the site; for some, it's merely FYI; some others may be in a position to 
proffer advice or assistance.

5: Particularly due to my current situation, I'd appreciate it if anyone 
would like to assist or take over administering the Forums.  I don't 
expect there to be much to do; probably just adding some new forums as 
the need becomes apparent.  Failing a 'volunteer', I'll keep doing it, 
but there may be a day or two delay in events.

6: If anyone wants a dp50 email (to keep these messages separate) I'll 
be happy to oblige...


Michael (Vasa) Lockey

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