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Although I really enjoyed the Anne of Green Gables books, and own at least 3 
editions, I feel that the book is not representative of all of Canada.  Just 
my two cents.

That being said, if consensus is to release this as book 1, then I guess it 
will be book 1.

Maybe we could put our heads together and comb the PG and PG-OZ archives for 
a list of 50 books (preferably from 50 different authors covering all areas 
of the country) which could be included in the first release.  I think that 
would make for a nice News Release number.  Any thoughts/suggestions?

There are currently 4 Nellie McClung (1873-1951) books on PG (and another in 
Post-Processing at PGDP).  I'll take a look at some other authors and see if 
I can put together a nice list.  I'll try to focus on authors in the 50+-70+ 

Marilynda Fraser-Cunliffe

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> Ok, then. This will be going ahead soon.
> Anyone feel like voting between these two possibilities?
> The Dawn of Canadian History : A Chronicle of Aboriginal Canada
> http://www.gutenberg.net/etext/4069
> Anne Of Green Gables
> http://www.gutenberg.net/etext/45
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