[PGCanada] PG Canada

James Linden jlinden at pglaf.org
Thu Jan 6 05:47:04 PST 2005

Several people have recently voice a desire to get PG Canada going. I'd 
like to invite them to do so. I am not currently in a place of my life 
that I can devote any time to PG, so I'm going to fully step aside and 
let everyone else go at it without me in the way.

I currently have control of the projectgutenberg.ca domain, and I'll 
point DNS to whomever is going to host the site, just give me the DNS 
server names.

I will be staying on the mailing lists so as to still be available if 
the need arises.

May PG Canada succeed (and kick PG USA's butt!)... EH!

   James Linden

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