[PGCanada] if there's anything I can do ...

James Linden jlinden at pglaf.org
Thu Jan 13 08:47:41 PST 2005

>>James appears to have software which can do everything we need, and 
>>Russel has offered us a server to run it on. Is there anything more we 
>>need to get started?
>   I'm doing some hardware shuffling, and will try to ensure that there is
> a more dedicated machine that can be put to this task.  The idea will be
> to have a machine that we can set up shell accounts on and push these
> types of projects forward quickly.
>   I'm wanting to offer what I can, but also wanting to ensure that there
> are no dependancies on my time given I have a few projects underway and
> already get too easily distracted.

  If you need a backup/standby sys admin, let me know.

-- James

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