[PGCanada] Michael hart says PG Canada needs help

Andrew Sly sly at victoria.tc.ca
Sat Jan 15 01:30:22 PST 2005

Hello Marjorie,
Thanks for your message.

The books you mention sound like they would be wonderful
additions to PGCanada. We just have to get the whole system
actually in place and running so we have somewhere to
put them. :)

I get the feeling that people who are on this list have
all (including myself) been looking around, asking "how can
I help? Who can tell me what needs to be done?"

So what does PG Canada need?

It needs some volunteers to go ahead and make things happen.

(From a volunteer point of view, it can take more time
and effort to isolate a task, and describe it to someone
else than it would to just go ahead and do it.)

I'll encourage all participants of this list to send me
ideas of what they perceive needs to be done, and I'll
volunteer to prioritize them, and get a list of minimum
basics set out.


On Thu, 13 Jan 2005, Mfulton wrote:

> I can offer only to prepare a book in plain text from time to time.  I sent
> to PG Australia three of charles Williams' novels, and Gertrude Bell's
> letters. in the last two years.  I am midway through "The Great Lone Land".
> I thought I might later do the biography of Lord Minto (published 1935) by
> John Buchan (died 1940).  Would these be suitable?
> Please tell me what is the status quo with PG Canada, and what does it need?
> Marjorie Fulton

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