[PGCanada] Canadian copyright for corporations

Wallace J.McLean ag737 at freenet.carleton.ca
Tue Jan 18 15:03:28 PST 2005

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From: Andrew Sly <sly at victoria.tc.ca>
Date: Tuesday, January 18, 2005 5:58 pm
Subject: Re: [PGCanada] Canadian copyright for corporations

>   but where, during that term, the author's identity becomes commonly
>   known, the term provided in section 6 applies.
> That's what I see as a potential challenge for PG Canada. If we do
> clear anything under a rule based on this provision, how do we
> prepare for the small chance of someone coming forward with an
> author's name for a previously considered anonnymous work?

"A previously considered anonnymous work" can only become something 
other than "anonymous" during that fifty year post-publication term. 
("during that term..."

Since a PG Canada can't assume public domain status until 
publication+50 has run out, and the owner of copyright can only claim 
the life+ term before publication+50 runs out, a PG Canada doesn't have 
to worry one little bit. If the author's identity becomes known on New 
Year's Eve, then the work just continues under copyright and we 
wouldn't have been able to use it before then anyway. If the author's 
identity becomes known of New Year's Day, then it doesn't change the 
fact that copyright has expired.

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