Some humble suggestions... Re: [PGCanada] Re: PG-Canada / List of tasks to do

Jon Noring jon at
Thu Jan 27 18:59:10 PST 2005

Wallace wrote:
> Jon Noring wrote:

>> Laugh. I live in Salt Lake City, and am an avid amateur genealogist.
>> I often do research in the Family History Library downtown. (I am NOT
>> LDS.)

> I'm a recovering one. 
> Genealogist, that is, not LDS.


> I can probably recruit 100 volunteers if we can start getting into 
> things like county histories and the amazing corpus of genealogical 
> works that have come out of Quebec over the past century.

All PGCan has to do is a few demonstration projects, and it'll be
flooded with requests to help setup new local projects.

I envision going in, helping a group setup a professional-grade
scanning station (hopefully there will be funds donated to pay for the
scanners -- I see a sheet feed, a smaller flatbed optimized for books
which are still bound, a large format flatbed for large documents, and
a PC with a DVD burner and large capacity disk.) Then train them in
the use of the scanners. Turn them loose and let them go crazy. PGCan
then collects and archives the scans (burned to DVDs -- if the scans
are unencumbered Brewster will gladly take the stuff, too.) How to
properly collect metadata needs to be carefully thought through for
the workflow -- I have no suggestions on this.


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