[PGCanada] Status of Mothership and DP-EU (and even DP-CAN)

Michael Lockey mlockey at honson.com
Mon Jul 18 07:57:57 PDT 2005

Andrew Sly wrote:

>On Thu, 14 Jul 2005, Michael Lockey wrote:
>>I've been around long enough
>>that I can honestly say the quality of submissions from DP is much
>>higher than when individuals were doing all their own work, with no
>>checks except ad hoc.  Naithless, PSTB have determined that quality and
>Interesting argument. One that I might disagree with on some levels.
>Some books, prepared by some people for PG have had a truly exceptional
>quality, without going through the DP process. 
Please; I would just like to make it clear that much excellent work HAS 
been, and continues to be, published by individuals,  and even works of 
lesser quality can be the equivalent of (so-called) published books.  I 
don't think I've ever seen a book without errata, and some- including 
best sellers- can be appalling.  It'll be interesting to see how Mr. 
Potter fares this time...  No; I'm talking about the overall 
performance; and not making any comparisons.  Our mandate must simply 
include continuous improvement.

DP is, I assume, aware that folk with enthusiasm will be more involved 
with a work.  Upcoming books are announced at several stages of the 
process so that anyone with interest can grab stuff that excites them, 
both for processing and whitewashing.  (I have just grabbed /The Old 
Coast Road/, since I'm very interested in historic transportation.)  By 
definition, proofers will, when possible, go for what they enjoy.

But there's always /Copyright Renewals/, and /the Grammer of English 

Michael Lockey
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