[PGCanada] Project Home Page

Jennifer Zickerman jennifer at sxip.com
Fri Mar 4 10:19:28 PST 2005

I've taken a look through the mailing list archives, and am pleased to 
see that the fine tradition of herding cats is alive and well at PG 
Canada. :)

May I suggest that a good place to start would be to set up a Project 
Wiki for PG Canada? The initial content and categories could be drawn 
from from the archived mailing list discussions ("Copyright Issues"; 
"Storage Formats"; "Partnerships"; etc).

If this seems like a good idea to everyone (someone? anyone?), I'm 
willing to host the site and and buy a domain name 
("www.projectpgcanada.org" is available). Give me the go-ahead and I'll 
try to have something together by late next week.


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