[PGCanada] Matters of PG Canada

James Linden jlinden at projectgutenberg.ca
Mon Mar 7 15:54:31 PST 2005

Matter #1

I'm officially nominating Jennifer as our Webmaster. I don't have the 
time to get our site running AND get UniBook finished and documented.

Matter #2

I'm trying to get our dedicated server up tonight or tomorrow. I need to 
know what needs to be installed on box for the wiki software, and 
whatever else we need. Keep in mind that this dedicated box is for our 
work space, not our etext distribution server.

Matter #3

I'm mostly done with the non-technical documentation for UniBook (which 
kinda covers PG Canada too). I'm officially asking for editors and 
people to help me fill in details, explain things better, etc. It's 
currently in Open Office, but I can transpose to a wiki in a matter of 
10 minutes or so. There's not a lot of formatting except the 
outline/blockquote paragraph indentations for sections. If we can get 
some other people on that, I can start on the technical documentation so 
we can start getting other programmers involved actively.

Matter #4

For the record, I like what Jennifer has done with the wiki, and I 
support it as a whiteboard tool for us. However, I'd like to see full 
user authentication and control, and have us use it only for drafting 
our site content, not for publically publishing the content. Naturally, 
I'm only one vote, so feel free to out-vote me.

Matter #5

What is the current status of the various other business and legal 
related endeavors which people 'voluntold' for during our conference call?

-- James

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