[PGCanada] Helping With the Technical Docs

Jen Zed jenzed at gmail.com
Tue Mar 29 07:29:17 PST 2005

James Linden wrote:
Jen Zed wrote:

>> (Actually, any info about UniBook would be
>> really useful to me, as I've started to think about the site
>> front-end, but can't go very far unless I know what the back-end looks
>> like.)

>  I'm still working on the tech docs -- the 6 pages of docs that we put
> on the wiki took me almost two weeks -- tech docs are going to be about
> 6 pages - per section!

Can I help with this? I'm a technical writer - if I can get access to
the application, I can probably do a lot of the grunt work just by
playing with the app. Or are these specification documents that
describe the work that has to be done to UniBook to get it to a usable


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