[PGCanada] Re: Queen of Seven Swords

Michael Hart hart at pglaf.org
Tue Mar 29 13:35:48 PST 2005

On Mon, 28 Mar 2005 Mvshelden at aol.com wrote:

> I learned of your project from a friend at Wolfram, Bill White.  Very 
> impressive.  I've been passing the word.  I also found a new benefit that 
> hadn't occurred to me.  My father-in-law, who is losing some vision and reads 
> the large type Reader's Digest is excited to have one of your e-books printed 
> out for him in 18pt type.  He's very happy.
> I recently took out the Queen of Seven Swords by Chesterton from the U of I 
> library.  I scanned the book and ran Adobe Capture on it.  It seems to have 
> gotten most of it.  The book was written in 1926.  Is this going to be 
> copyrighted?  I'd love to go through whatever it takes to put it on your 
> website. Please let me know how to proceed.
> Mark Shelden
GK Chesterton died in 1936, which means his works are public domain in
all the "life +50 and 60" countries, and will be in another 21 months in the
"life +70" countries that just changed their copyrights.

I am forwarding your message to PG Australia and PG Canada, who can both
likely contine with your work, but since US copyright cutoff is 1923,
we can't post it in the US. . .unless the copyright was not renewed.

Forwarding to a friend to check on that for you.



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