[PGCanada] What help do you need?

Andrew Sly sly at victoria.tc.ca
Thu Mar 3 22:20:49 PST 2005

On Thu, 3 Mar 2005, Jennifer Zickerman wrote:

> Hello. I keep seeing cryptic messages in the PG newsletter: "Project
> Gutenberg of Canada needs your help! Please email:
> pgcanada at lists.pglaf.org".
> What kind of help do you need? What's "pgcanada"?

Hi Jennifer.

Thanks for your interest.

Project Gutenberg of Canada is, as might be deduced from the
name, an effort similar in intent to Project Gutenberg, but
based in Canada. The most immediately noticible difference
is that that means we must work to comply with Canadian
copyright laws--not American ones.

As to your question "what kind of help do we need?"
I'm not sure I have an answer for you. There was some
activity back in November, and then more in January,
which resulted in some groundwork being laid. However,
not much that I am aware of has been mentioned since

I presume that people who has expressed interest in some
parts of the effort have continued with their parts, which
is often more productive than exchanging messages in a
mailing list.

I hope this helps...


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