[PGCanada] PG Canada Wiki

Jennifer Zickerman jennifer at sxip.com
Mon Mar 7 12:08:41 PST 2005

Sure, I'm down with Web Wrangling. :)

What's the status on our hosting space? In January, Russell said he was 
putting some space together for us, but also mentioned that he had other 
time commitments, so maybe this didn't work out.

In the short term, I have 2 gb on a hosted site that I'm not using - it 
would probably be okay to get us started. Linux, MySQL, PHP/Perl/Java. 
James, would this be sufficient to host your UniBook? I'm *dying* to 
take a look at your app - it sounds super cool.


James Linden wrote:
> /me . o O ( Did Jennifer just volunteer to be our web-maven? )
> -- James
> Jennifer Zickerman wrote:
>> ....is up:
>> http://www.jenzed.com/pgcawiki/pmwiki.php

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