[PGCanada] Matters of PG Canada

James Linden jlinden at projectgutenberg.ca
Tue Mar 8 09:41:36 PST 2005

Jennifer Zickerman wrote:
> James Linden wrote:
>> Matter #2
>> I'm trying to get our dedicated server up tonight or tomorrow. I need 
>> to know what needs to be installed on box for the wiki software, and 
>> whatever else we need. Keep in mind that this dedicated box is for our 
>> work space, not our etext distribution server.
> PHP 4.1 (+) and Apache. 
> (http://www.pmichaud.com/wiki/PmWiki/Requirements) It's really 
> light-weight, and uses text files for content storage (which is fine in 
> a case like ours, where's it's only for storing project management stuff).

   Alright, easy enough.

>> Matter #3
>> I'm mostly done with the non-technical documentation for UniBook 
>> (which kinda covers PG Canada too). I'm officially asking for editors 
>> and people to help me fill in details, explain things better, etc. 
> I'll help. I think you should off-load as much work as possible so that 
> you can concentrate on the developer docs.

   Should I setup a section on the wiki for it?

>> Matter #4
>> For the record, I like what Jennifer has done with the wiki, and I 
>> support it as a whiteboard tool for us. However, I'd like to see full 
>> user authentication and control, 
> I can set that up (tonight, providing I don't run into snags). However, 
> I don't think I can do auto-generated accounts - they'd have to be 
> created manually. I don't mind doing this; when we out-grow this 
> mechanism, we'll come up with something better.
> Do you want ACL on viewing and editing, or just editing?

   I think ACL for editing is sufficient.

>> and have us use it only for drafting our site content, not for 
>> publically publishing the content. 
> Strongly agree - the current wiki is just a project management tool, it 
> won't scale to anything more. I think it's too early to decide on our 
> publishing platform. However, I think we should add "project management 
> and planning" to "drafting our site content", as far as the mandate of 
> the wiki goes. It's really hard to organize a project via mailing lists.

   Sounds reasonable to me.

-- James

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