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From: James Linden <jlinden at projectgutenberg.ca>
Date: Friday, March 11, 2005 12:40 pm
Subject: Re: [PGCanada] Ebooks llibres et gratuits

> Can someone translate?

Ma traduction libre; Coolmicro, je m'excuse de mes fautes de traduction.


I’m writing in French for two reasons:

1. I don’t communicate well in English, even if I understand it a 

2. I find it unusual that PG Canada isn’t bilingual; where’s Quebec?

I’m the founder of the group Ebooks libres et gratuits, an important 
francophone group: http://www.ebooksgratuits.com

We actively collaborate with PG-US : 60 books published in 5 months. 
However, we would rather work with a francophone PG Canada, if it 
existed: the copyright laws are different in Canada.

On the other hand, I would like to know if the clearance rules for 
books for PG Canada are the same as those for PG-US. In PG US, books 
are not accepted when we scan a copyright-free text from a recent 
edition (to get the clearance, you have to have the title page of pre-
1923 edition.) We therefore have numerous copyright-free texts that 
can’t be published on PG-US. Furthermore, we have texts which are only 
public domain in Canada (Saint Exupéry, Colette, Maurice Leblanc, for 

In addition, our group has begun discussions with members of DP Europe 
on the creation of a “PG francophone.” This PG francophone could be a 
component of PG Canada, eventually. 

That’s all I’ll say, I await the reaction, and I especially look 
forward to seeing if there are any francophones in the audience.

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