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Jennifer Zickerman jennifer at sxip.com
Fri Mar 11 21:04:16 PST 2005

Bonjour, Coolmicro.

Je ne parle pas français (mais un peu). So rather than writing 
appallingly bad French, would someone please translate this for me?

In addition to French content, I think we also need a French wiki and a 
French front-end for the content (after we figure out the general 
content front-end).

I've created an item on the "Help PG Canada" page on the wiki 
(http://www.jenzed.com/pgcawiki/pmwiki.php?n=Main.HelpPGCanada) that 
lists the wiki pages that are ready for translation. As soon as a few 
are done, I'll re-jig the wiki so that the site is "mirrored" in French 
and English.

Translation will be an ongoing job, but it would be easy (she says 
totally off the top of her head) to set up a translation tracking system 
tied to the site's "change history" function.


Andrew Sly wrote:
> Bonjour
> La réponse simple: Oui!
> Nous voulons contenu français au PG Canada.
> Êtes-vous vous intéressez à nous aider le développer?
> Hello
> The simple answer: Yes!
> We do want French content in PG Canada.
> Are you interested in helping us develop it?
> Andrew
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