[PGCanada] PG Canada Wiki

James Linden jlinden at projectgutenberg.ca
Sat Mar 12 23:28:37 PST 2005

Jennifer Zickerman wrote:
> This is a great doc, James - I've got a much clearer view of the whole 
> process. Before I start work on wikifiying it, I'd like your thoughts 
> (i.e., approval) regarding chunking it up into separate pages.

If you think that will work better, then by all means, do go ahead. I 
just ask that a copy of the entire document is available in one piece as 
well, if possible? This is mostly so I can easily compare to my local 
version for changes, etc.

I just want to reaffirm that my document is by no means the 
authoritative manual for PG Canada. It is solely my version of how I 
think things should be implemented. I posted it to the wiki so that 
everyone can read and edit, so we can refine and/or redefine it 
together. And, like I said previously, I need to flesh out more detail 
for many sections.

I'm looking forward to seeing what everyone says... even if the end 
result is that everyone says it's a pile of s***. :-)

-- James

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