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Jennifer Zickerman jennifer at sxip.com
Sun Mar 13 11:06:09 PST 2005

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Subject: Re: [PGCanada] What help do you need?
Date: Sun, 13 Mar 2005 10:16:44 -0800
From: Jennifer Zickerman <jennifer at sxip.com>
To: David Fewer <johnson.fewer at sympatico.ca>
References: <4233A4A2.7010109 at sympatico.ca>

David Fewer wrote:
> CIPPIC has volunteered to advise on public 
> domain matters

Hi David. I've just finished organizing our "Canadian Copyright Law"
page on the wiki
(http://www.jenzed.com/pgcawiki/pmwiki.php?n=Main.CanadaCopyright). This
merges contributions from Gardner and information gleaned from this
thread on the mailing list:

I used Andrew's text regarding the kinds of content that PG Canada could
legally publish. However, the thread continued into deeper water, such
as whether or not a 1924 term extension law is retroactive ... my eyes
glazed over.

Would you mind looking over the current wiki page, confirming that it's
legally correct, and pointing out any gaps? I don't think we need to be
concerned about edge cases at this stage, but it would be good to know
in general where we legally stand. thx!


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