[PGCanada] Ebooks llibres et gratuits

Carlo Traverso traverso at dm.unipi.it
Sun Mar 13 12:23:59 PST 2005

In the wiki I see:

> File Naming Conventions
> The file name of each book will include a version number in standard
> notation (ie, major.minor.revision). In the first release of a book,
> the version number will always be "1.0.0". (Versioning supports
> ongoing Content Maintenance.) A 3 character language code will always
> be appended to the version. For example, 1.0.0-eng would mean the text
> is the first release in English. This means that a text with the
> version of 1.0.0-spa would be a direct Spanish translation of
> 1.0.0-eng. 

I think that adding a language code to the original is not a wise
decision, for different reasons, some being:

- you cannot know at a glance which is the original, and which the
  (automatic) translation. 

- books whose original is in different main languages might pose problems.

I think that identifying with a language code the automatic
translations is a good idea (at least it allows to avoid them...)
but I would like to have always a clear distinction between the
transcription of an original and any kind of transformation made at

Of course, a transcription of a book that is a translation of an
original in another language is an original. Hence deserves a main
entry (and possibly further translations).

Carlo Traverso

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