[PGCanada] List of current Canadian etexts?

Wallace J.McLean ag737 at freenet.carleton.ca
Sat Mar 19 19:55:22 PST 2005

These are the ones I've PMd, excluding non-CanCon:

Catalogue d'ouvrages sur l'histoire de l'Amérique et en particulier sur 
celle du Canada	Faribault, G.-B.
Litanaiit Liturgiillo attoraksat illagêktunut Labradoremẽtunut
	Moravian Church
An account of the customs and manners of the Micmakis and Maricheets 
savage nations, now dependent on the government of Cape-Breton
	[Maillard, Antoine Simon]
Life of Tecumseh	Drake, Benjamin
Kalli, the Esquimaux Christian	Murray, Thomas Boyles
Notes of a twenty-five years' service in the Hudson's Bay territory,Vol 
II	McLean, John
The story of Grenfell of the Labrador	Wallace, Dillon
Troop one of the Labrador	Wallace, Dillon
The false chevalier; or, the lifeguard of Marie Antoinette
	Lighthall, William Douw
Journal of a Voyage from Okkak, on the Coast of Labrador...
	Benjamin Kohlmeister and George Kmoch
A new Hochelagan burying-ground discovered at Westmount on the western 
spur of Mount Royal, Montreal, July-September 1898	W.D. Lighthall
An account of the battle of Chateauguay...	Lighthall, W[illiam] D
Animal sanctuaries in Labrador	Wood, William Charles Henry
Animal sanctuaries in Labrador, Supplement to an Address...	Wood, 
William C. H.
Bobby of the Labrador	Wallace, Dillon
Bowdoin boys in Labrador	Cilley, Jonathan Prince
Dangers on the ice off the coast of Labrador: with some interesting 
particulars respecting the natives of that country.	Anonymous
Draft of a Plan for Beginning Animal Sanctuaries in Labrador	Wood, 
Hochelagans and Mohawks: a link in Iroquois history	W.D. Lighthall
Lecture on the Aborigines of Newfoundland	Joseph Noad
Les îles: promenades dans le golfe Saint- Laurent : une partie de la 
Côte Nord, l'île aux Oeufs, l'Anticosti, l'île Saint-Paul, l'archipel 
de la Madeleine	Narcisse Henri Édouard Faucher de Saint-Maurice
Notes of a twenty-five years' service in the Hudson's Bay territory, v. 
1	McLean, John
Opuscules... Louis Gamache, Le Labrador	Jean-Baptiste-Antoine Ferland
Report of Mr. W.E. Cormack's journey in search of the Red Indians in 
Newfoundland	Cormack, William Epps
Saint-Pierre & Miquelon	Comte de Premio-Real
The copyright question	Morang, George N.
The Man in the Twilight	Ridgwell Cullum
The Manor-House of Lacolle	W.D. Lighthall
The Narrative of Gordon Sellar who Emigrated to Canada in 1825	Gordon 
The young seigneur, or, Nation-making	Wilfrid Châteauclair (pseud. 
W.D. Lighthall)
Thoughts, Moods and Ideals: Crimes of Leisure	W.D. Lighthall
With the Harmony to Labrador	Benjamin La Trobe

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