[PGCanada] We have a site.

Jennifer Zickerman jenzed at gmail.com
Thu Sep 22 21:07:08 PDT 2005


Pretty raw, as you see, but we can upload, categorize, browse and
search for texts. The site is powered by Drupal, an open-source
content management system. It's very easy to do most administrative
tasks, like write content, upload files, add new categories, etc.

I'd like volunteers to take over:

- PG Canada organizational content: We need content similar to Project
Gutenberg - who we are, how to contact us, terms of use, etc.

- Site styling: It's ugly. But it's just simple CSS, no rocket
science, so anybody with an eye for design and a little CSS knowledge
can handle it.

- Content management: It's very simple to upload content, create
categories, etc. I'd like someone else to manage that effort.

- PHP scripting: There are lots of places where a little PHP coding
would make the site experience a lot nicer.

- Logo: Gardner, could you make a version with a transparent background please?

Volunteers, please stick up your hands and I'll create an account for you.

The old wiki content might be useful for various things:


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